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[fic] Flashes of Beauty

Title: Flashes of Beauty
Pairing: 7/8
Warnings: None, I think.
Word Count: 383, or so says MS Word.
Summary: Hachi isn't beautiful. But sometimes, Nana can see flashes of beauty in her. 
Disclaimer: I don't own it. Really.
A/N: First Nana story. Constructive critiscism is appreciated.

Hachi, muses Nana as she lights a cigarette and watches her roommate giggle idiotically at one of Nobu’s jokes. Hachi isn’t beautiful. Hachi is a cute girl, clearly. Pretty, yes, maybe. But beautiful? No, not really.


No, she certainly isn’t beautiful, but sometimes, when Nana is distracted and not really looking at Hachi, she will see flashes of beauty. Quick, quick, quick. So quick she’s not sure they’re there.


It’s in the way Hachi throws her head back when she laughs, shaking out her hair. When she truly laughs, not when she purposefully lets out the high pitched sound she dares call a giggle. When she truly laughs, at night, lying in bed, their bare stomachs pressed together tightly. Nana feels like she’s being cleansed of all her sins.


It’s in the shape of Hachi’s eyes when she’s in a pensive mood, eyelids drooping, lips pouty and curved downwards. Like a dog. Like a beagle, who carries the most secret sadness in the world.


It’s in the line of Hachi’s body when the sun comes up and she sits up and bed and shakes Nana awake. Her hair is in disarray and her nightgown strap is slightly falling away and revealing a pale shoulder. Nana closes her eyes then, and lies on her back because she’s not sure seeing Hachi like that is okay.


It’s in Hachi’s scent when they are in the bathtub, covered in bubbles and soap suds. Hachi smells like fresh snow and pure, pure white with a splash of red. Nana wants to breathe her in and stay like that forever, limbs relaxed and skin soft.


It’s at times like that when Hachi is vulnerable and normal—not worrying about what others think—that Nana thinks she can see beauty in Hachi. And then the moment after, Hachi says something stupid; about Shoji, about Toranesu, about some random co-worker of hers and Nana remembers.


This isn’t beautiful. She isn’t beautiful.And it is Nana who feels stupid and cheated in the end.


Maybe,suggests a level of Nana’s subconscious that she thought she’d thrown away after Ren, you should write a song about it.


Fuck you,replies Nana cheerfully and takes a swig of her beer and a drag of her smoke because no one tells her what the fuck to do.

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